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Online Examination Software

Online Examination System has become a fastest growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower to execute the examination. Almost all organizations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, it saves students time in examinations. Organizations can also easily check the performance of the student that they give in an examination. As a result of this, organizations are releasing results in less time. It also helps the environment by saving paper.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is to give a clear and precise description of the functionality of the assessment-support software to be developed and to eliminate ambiguities and misunderstandings that may exist. The Online Examination System is user-friendly and it will explain all functions of system itself and it’s the major advantage of Online Examination System.

  • Online Examination organization service with our integrated server.
  • Customize Online Examination Software provide as per client requirement.
  • Random Questions Generation.
  • Online Registration
  • Question Bank Management.
  • Remote server hosted in a fully-secure best-in-class data centre.
  • Current Affairs
  • Shows Result after exam and Via E-mail.
  • Display Course Contain as per the Student Registration
  • Course Contain PowerPoint Presentation with Voice
  • Exam progress monitoring.
  • Live Chat
  • Performance Report of student
  • Unique Penal for doubted Questions of students.

Online Examination Management System

Examination is not only a test for a person but it’s also test of management and teachers.

Traditional Exam Method

Paperwork, paper checking, arrange marks and grades, Mark sheet Creation, Declare result than allocate. But now no need of it because the modern method is taking over the tradition method. Modern method is Online Examiation. Traditional exam results take time to arrive more than 2 months. If number of students in Thousands then it’s very tough task to check each students answer sheet by manually. Tradition way of exam its very lengthy process. In single room we need to two invigilators and other staff to conduct exam. Need text books and paper to distribute to students. Chance to leak paper is more and exam not secure. The traditional examination system with long time consuming conducting and evaluating process of examination.

Online Examination

Everyone can give exam from anywhere around the world, And you no need to go to you exam center, you decide your exam center because it’s all about you computer or laptop, It’s That Simple. The online exam system offers you the speedy and accurate solutions within desired time limit. The assessment is fast, reliable and accurate. Fewer resources are required in online examination as compared to pen-paper test. Students can easily access the examination through internet so it reduces need for faculty and staff. Online testing also reduces the printing of Question paper and other materials required for teaching as well as stationary required to conduct a pen-paper test. Online examination provides flexibility and security for question paper as each student can get random questions of same examination pattern. It is not possible to set different exam paper for different student and there are chances of leakage of exam paper while passing it to different examination centers.

Don’t Wait For Result Declaration

Result will be at the end of your examination after calculating automatically. It also minimizes the error in calculating results which peoples do all time. the most important benefit of making exams online is the data saved in a structured format, It can used for detail reports, charts and presentation. It also shows students progress report.

Creation And Delivery of Exam

Monitor Exam live

Live coverage of the exams, view all details such as candidates taking, completed and dropped exams with their number of attempts, device details, browser , operating system, IP address and location details.

Multi Choice and Single Selection Questions

Multiple choices are a form of an objective assessment in which respondents are asked to select the only correct answer out of the choices from a list. The multiple choice format is most frequently used in educational testing, in market research, and in elections, when a person chooses between multiple candidates, parties, or policies.

Fits in all gadgets in the pockets100% Responsive

CNI goes well with the all mobile and tablet devices. Create and deliver exams from your mobile phone in just 30 seconds. Our both admin and candidate sites are responsive.

New Product Lunched by CNI – E-learning Portal for online Academic classes and Competitive Exam preparation.

CNI recently launched an E-learning portal with amazing features which will help each and every student no matter what is students learning area or stream. Success next click made for all students who’re completely dedicated towards their education. Success Next Click also Provides Online Study Material and classes for Entrance exam or competitive exam such as CTET, UPTET, SSC and Medical etc.

Special features- Study Material, assignments, Video Lessons, Notes, Current affair, online exam panel and special panel for resolve students doubt.

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